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Mr. Eric Gomez

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Dr. Jennifer B. Carne, Ed.D
Ms. Marie A. Netto
Mr. Christopher Safina
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    Mepham Learns About Dangers of Drunk & Distracted Driving [VIDEO]

    Mepham Learns Pic
    Mepham Learns Pic 2
    Mepham Learns Pic 3
    Mepham Learns Pic 4
    Mepham Learns Pic 5
    Deanna Buzzetta, a freshman at Mepham High School in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, fumbled with a child’s shape-sorting toy in the school parking lot on April 30. Normally, she wouldn’t have a problem but this time she was wearing goggles designed to simulate visual impairment.

    “My peripheral vision was impaired,” she noted. “It took me longer to get the pieces in the correct hole.” 

    During this exercise, which is part of the Arrive Alive Tour, students are educated about the dangers of impaired driving, as well as distracted driving.

    A driving simulator video game allows students to experience the potential consequences of drunk and distracted driving in a controlled environment.

    “The simulator allows students to experience the potential consequences of drunk and distracted driving in a controlled environment,” said Wendy Tepfer, director of the Community Parent Center, which was responsible for bringing this interactive program to the school.

    They were also offered simple stacking and sorting games to complete.
    “The students always come up and say right away, ‘oh this will be easy,’” said Tepfer. “After completing a sorting or stacking task, they are stunned by how difficult such a seemingly simple toy becomes nearly impossible to navigate while simulating intoxication or impairment.”

    The Seatbelt Convincer, operated by New York State Troopers, is an educational tool that allows riders to experience force, up to five times their body weight, similar to that of a 5-7mph crash.

    “It was scary to see the impact even though we were going so slow,” said freshman Kayla Menendez. 

    Mepham Team Wins Physics Bowl

    Mepham Team Wins Physics Bowl photo
    The Mepham High School Physics team recently competed against 18 Long Island schools in the Physics Olympics held at SUNY Farmingdale.

    The team, consisting of John Berry, Anil Bradley, Ailish Egan, Srikar Indrakanti and Michael Osorio and their coach William Leacock, won awards in two events. 

    “They received the third-place trophy in the Slow Roller event, where the team had to take measurements of two rolling objects that accelerated down an incline at different rates, and determine where they had to be initially placed so they would arrive together at a set point on the incline,” explained Leacock.

    They also won the first-place trophy in the Physics Bowl, a game show style event where teams compete based upon their physics knowledge.

    Italian Students Win Poetry Awards, Ailish Egan Awarded Scholarship

    Italian Students Win Poetry Awards, Ailish Egan Awarded Scholarship photo
    Italian Students Win Poetry Awards, Ailish Egan Awarded Scholarship photo 2
    Italian Students Win Poetry Awards, Ailish Egan Awarded Scholarship photo 3
    On April 13, students from Calhoun, Kennedy and Mepham High Schools participated in the annual poetry recitation contest hosted by the American Association of Teachers of Italian at SUNY Old Westbury.  

    “These select Bellmore-Merrick students chose classic Italian poems, memorized up to 30 lines and performed their interpretations in front of peers, teachers and professors,” explained World Languages Chairperson Enrique Montes. “The top students who demonstrated mastery of delivery, poise and pronunciation were awarded for their performances.”

    Calhoun sophomores Julia Manson and Luke Cimorelli earned second and third place, in the sophomore division, while Calhoun senior Ludovica Sophia Costanzo earned second place in the senior division.

    Jake Arlia, a Kennedy freshman, Gina Zazzi, a Calhoun junior, James Caracciolo, a Calhoun senior and Rebecca Scotto, a Mepham senior arrived to the final round with distinguished honorable mention. 

    Emily Turner and Sara Grossman of Calhoun, as well as Isabella Guimaraes, Izabella Donelson and Brigid Lamaze of Kennedy also proudly represented the Bellmore-Merrick School District.

    Additionally, Ailish Egan of Mepham High School was a winner of the 17th Annual Giovanna Morabito Memorial and American Association of Teachers of Italian Long Island’s chapter Scholarship for Excellence in Italian Studies. 

    “Ailish is one of only two winners of this very prestigious award, granted to outstanding graduating seniors currently enrolled in Italian,” said world languages chairperson Rosa Kaplan. 

    Egan will be presented with the award, which includes a $500 scholarship, at the AATI Dante Award and Scholarship luncheon on May 12.

    Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting Students Learn from Filmmaker

    Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting Students Learn from Filmmaker photo
    Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting Students Learn from Filmmaker photo 2
    Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Newberger, of Emmy-nominated Ironbound Films, visited with the students of the Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting program on April 12.  

    Newberger spent the morning discussing the world of documentary filmmaking, along with the many career opportunities and paths available in the world of broadcasting with the students.  
    “He used his real world experience producing documentaries screened at both the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals to offer advice for the students as they create their own documentaries on life in an American high school,” said teacher Stuart Stein.

    Newberger is currently touring the country promoting his most recent project Heading Home, the tale of team Israel at last year’s World Baseball Classic. The film will be in select theaters this summer.

    Mepham Students Can Dance

    Mepham Students Can Dance photo

    Mepham High School held its 10th annual So They Think They Can Dance competition on April 10.

    The event is modeled after the reality dance competition shows on television and is presented by the varsity kickline team each year. Eight teams were selected by teachers/coaches Kerry Dennis and Jackie Geller and were composed of athletes, musicians, artists and scholars from each grade. 

    The students competed to win the praise and scores of judges Principal Eric Gomez and Assistant Principals Dr. Jennifer Carne and Marie Netto. 

    The night was hosted by Mepham senior David Riobo and special education teacher and track coach Anthony Augugliaro, who was a competitor as a student in the very first competition in 2009. 

    The Bellmore-Merrick broadcasting students covered the evening’s dance numbers. Team Celine were the Jazz champions and overall winners.
    “The night continues to showcase Mepham spirit and pirate pride,” Dennis said.