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Business Office

Mikaela Coni 516-992-1020
Assistant Superintendent
For Business


Peggy Schroeder 516-992-1021
Secretary to Assistant Superintendent  

Melisa Stiles 516-992-1090
School Business Administrator/Purchasing Agent

Monica Enright 516-992-1022

Darlene DiPrima 516-992-1026
Accounts Payable

Patty McGrath 516-992-1034
General Organization/Accounts Payable 

Tina Yuksel 516-992-1028
Tracy Roca 516-992-1099

Joanne Finelli 516-992-1030
Director of Food Services i
Karen Singer 516-992-1031  

Jon Simpkins 516-992-1032
Director of School Facilities & Operations  

Stacey Munson-Secretary 516-992-1033  

Pam Kloos 516-992-1037
Building use  

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