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BMCHSD 1:1 Chromebook Initiative 

We are excited to announce the 1:1 Chromebook initiative available for your child this year. During the 2023-24 school year, all 7th through 12th grade students will be issued a Hewlett Packard Chromebook for educational use at school and at home. This initiative will support collaboration between students, create innovative learning opportunities and programs, enhance personalized learning methods, and foster attainment of digital learning skills, all of which prepare students for post-secondary education and the 21st century workplace.


Please review the two links (Click on the links below to access):


*All parents and guardians MUST read the BMCHSD 1:1 Device Policy above and sign the Device Agreement Form BEFORE Chromebooks can be issued. The Policy and Agreement form will be available through our Rank One electronic form signature platform:



  1.   The device is the property of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District. It is for my use only as a student in Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District.
  2. The device is to be used for educational purposes only.
  3. In the event of any loss, damage, or theft, the Student/Parent will be fully responsible for the cost of repair or replacement, except as otherwise set forth below.  All damaged equipment remains the property of the District.
  4. The Student is responsible for the regular care and maintenance of the device as learned in the Device Guide and during Device Distribution. The Student will not attempt to repair any problems with the device on their own.  If in need of repair, the device should be returned to the building Technology team.
  5. I understand the District will assume the responsibilities for repairs and maintenance caused by normal use.  However, if the damage is due to negligence, vandalism or is not covered by the warranty, I agree to pay for repairs up to $75 for each instance.  Further, I understand that I am responsible for the cost of replacing the device and/or accessories if they cannot be repaired.
  6. It is the Student/Parent’s responsibility to return the device and all District-provided accessories on the specified date and time determined by the District in the same condition issued, with the exception of normal wear and tear, as determined by the District.  As such it is my property obligation.
  7. The full replacement cost of the equipment will be charged to the Student/Parent if the device and all related equipment are not returned by the due date.
  8. It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure that the device is not left unguarded, or in situations where damage, vandalism, or theft could occur.
    When transporting the device, it should always be securely fastened in the provided carrying case.
  9. Students may not install any additional software on the device and may not remove any identification or serial numbers.  
  10. Students must adhere to the District’s Computer Network Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy (Policy 4526) as well as the Internet Safety Policy (Policy 4526.1) when using the device.



To ensure the safety of our students, the District has implemented the GoGuardian Admin Web Filter and Beacon Monitoring platform on all 1:1 student Chromebook devices. Click here to view the GoGuardian Admin Web Filter and Monitoring platform.



Cybersecurity awareness training will continue to be an integral part of the BMCHSD throughout the school year.   

Here is a link to a cybersecurity home course designed for students and families:

To get started, clink on this link to the cybersecurity home course, and enter the password: homecourse and click "submit".



7th grade students will keep their District-issued Chromebook through 8th grade and return it at the end of 8th grade.   9th grade students will keep their District-issued Chromebook through 12th grade and return it at the end of the 12th grade.  When turning in the Chromebook, students will also need to return the charger and the carry bag.  If any of the equipment is missing, you will need to submit payment for that item to the main office.



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