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Human Resources

The pursuit of educational excellence is the primary concern of the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District. To meet this expectation, every effort is made to hire the most highly qualified, competent professionals and to provide them with the training, assistance and support necessary to help them successfully meet the high expectations of the community and the needs of all students in our schools.

Eric Gómez
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Administration
Ph: (516) 992-1010
Fax: (516) 623-1483

Diane Pasquariello
Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Administration
Instructional Staff, Administrator/Teacher Certification & BOE Preparation

Gina Bologna
Attendance, Substitutes, Policies & BOE Preparation

Renee Jones
Benefits- Health, Life, Dental, Workers Comp, Unemployment

Laura McNulty
Civil Service, Employment Verification

Debbie Molloy
Attendance, Accounts Receivable, Employment Verification, Retirees

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