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MAP Graduation for Class of 2024

Congratulations to the 13 students who graduated from the Meadowbrook Alternative Program on June 11. thumbnail259621

Congratulations to the 13 students who graduated from the Meadowbrook Alternative Program on June 11.

Date Added: 6/12/2024

GAMS 3D Prints Gifted to Cohen’s

Students at Grand Avenue Middle School making 3D printed creations.  thumbnail259510
Students at Grand Avenue Middle School making 3D printed creations.  thumbnail259511
Students at Grand Avenue Middle School making 3D printed creations.  thumbnail259512

Students at Grand Avenue Middle School were tasked with designing 3D printed creations that later turned into a gift for Cohen's Children's Hospital in New Hyde Park.

William Feihel, an eighth-grade student that had heart surgery, first designed and 3D printed 20 keychains during the holidays and gifted them to hospital staff.

“This represents me because that is where I got my heart surgery when I was an infant,” Feihel explained.

Feihel drew inspiration from Keith Haring’s ‘Barking Dog’ to make his Tinker Cad creation.

“I created words and holes before making 3”x3” rings round it to group it all together in the program,” he added.

Jake Guarino, also an eighth grader, later designed a gold GAMS school logo that technology teacher Michelle Biancardo replicated into 60 keychain-sized prints as gifts for hospital staff and patients.

Date Added: 6/11/2024

Mepham Graduates Class of 2024

The Mepham High School graduating Class of 2024. thumbnail259490

The Mepham High School graduating Class of 2024 was commemorated on the football field on June 9.

A sea of maroon and grey served as a celebratory setting for the Pirates. Mepham Poet Laureate Matthew Tucci shared a poem and MephAcapella graced the ceremony with a rendition of “Irish Blessing.” Board of Education trustee/Mepham parent Melissa Cmar-Grote also offered positive remarks at the commencement ceremony.

Principal Anthony DeMartinis spoke about celebrating the differences in members of the school community and how “we all coalesce each day into this beautiful building rich with history and packed with inspirational educators and we form a community.”

Valedictorian Christiana Foufas addressed the crowd, talking about the importance of family and connection, and specifically ‘meraki.’

“Meraki is a Greek word meaning to do something with creativity and love, and to put something of yourself into your work. It also encompasses perseverance,” she explained. “As we proceed on our separate paths, I want you all to have meraki in all that you do.”

Salutatorian Matt Yang spoke about how he will carry the impact of athletics, as well as his academic experience with him past Mepham.

“Even though we will become separated after graduation, as we spread our wings and pursue our dreams, our unity and community as a class will remain forever,” he said.

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Date Added: 6/10/2024

Calhoun Graduates Class of 2024

The_Cougar_Crier_-_JFK(2).png thumbnail259567

Calhoun High School’s Class of 2024 was celebrated under clear skies and a canopy of blue and white on the school field June 9.

Nicole Hollings noted that the ceremony was her 10th graduation as principal.

“They [the graduates] have made Calhoun better because of all they did for this community, and I am blessed and proud to know them,” she added.

Board Trustee Megan C. Ryan, Esq. also offered positive remarks for the graduating class.

Joseph Darcourt offered a cello performance as his salutatorian address.

“For me, this piece represents ‘shake it up,’” he explained. “It embodies the spirit of embracing change, taking risks, and celebrating the present. Playing it for you today is a tribute to our shared experiences and the bright future that awaits all of us. And as we take the next step on our life paths, let's remember to shake it up.”

After reciting a quote by Mother Teresa, valedictorian Fiona Wong focused on what “doing things with great love” really entails.

“There’s no wrong combination of what you choose to pursue, within Calhoun’s walls or through outside passion projects,” she said. “And it doesn’t matter if it’s just one commitment or multiple: what matters is choosing this passion based on what we individually believe in, and giving everything we have to make an impact. To me, impacts can be big or small - they’re defined by the effort we pour into making a difference for the people around us. We may not be able to solve a world crisis, yet, but we can raise awareness around our community. That goes back to Mother Teresa’s words: we all have the power to make small impacts with great passion, dedication, and love.”

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Date Added: 6/10/2024

Kennedy Graduates Class of 2024

Kennedy High School’s Class of 2024 thumbnail259488

Kennedy High School’s Class of 2024 was celebrated on the school field June 9 amid a sea of fanfare, family and friends.

Principal Gerard Owenberg spoke with pride of the seniors, specifically about “their hard work and leadership.” Board of education trustee Dr. Nancy Kaplan offered a positive sendoff message as well and senior chorus members serenaded attendees.

Valedictorian Gabriella Tejada and salutatorian Cole Wasserman addressed the crowd.

Tejada spoke about how her success is conditional upon faith, ambition, and integrity.

“For faith, I hope that each of you has faith in yourselves and in your ability to make a positive impact on others,” she emphasized. “Be ambitious and aim to surpass your high expectations. Develop a sense of intrinsic motivation and keep pushing forward through hard work. Finally, have integrity, by rooting yourself in your values and having a commitment to good character. The future is unknown, however, by rooting ourselves in our values and positivity, we can navigate anything the world throws at us.”

Wasserman recanted about how he and peers “were always on the move” in high school.

“We go from school, to sports, to work, to all of our other commitments,” he said. “All these experiences have molded us. Each small event throughout our time here has allowed us to grow into the people we are today. Yet I don’t think most of us, myself included, stop to appreciate all of these experiences. But we really should.”

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Date Added: 6/10/2024

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